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Since 2005 Dave Lordan has been prolific in writing for the page, stage, and performance. Delivering a message of unquestionable honesty, his body of work takes a journey through the harsh endurance of adolescence, young adulthood and onwards, into a country struggling through financial ruin and misplaced identity. But in Lordan’s words; hope remains, and light can shine, even in the darkest corner.

The Word in Flames is Dave Lordan's latest release; a collection of essays on literature and revolt.


The Word in Flames is a book of accessible, thought provoking, non-academic essays on the subject of literature, technological change, social change, revolution, multimedia and all of the connections between these ideas.


Some of the writers whose challenging and often deeply controversial work that Lordan discusses in The Word in Flames include the Italian revolutionary Pier Paolo Pasolini, the French revolutionary Marquis de Sade, and the Irish revolutionary Liam O'Flaherty.



Irish writing has not seen prose as brilliant as this since the Enlightenment. With the clarity of Orwell and an indignation reminiscent of Swift, Dave Lordan identifies the tensions and responsibilities that crystallise within great art, whenever artists are brave enough to allow them to do so.
Dr Deaglán Ó Donghaile. Author of Blasted Literature: Victorian Political Fiction and the Shock of Modernism. Senior Lecturer in English Literature Liverpool John Moores University
If you like polemic to be scalding, defiant, revolutionary and erotic, then you’ll relish this book. By turn erudite, poetic, auto-biographical and scholarly (often all of these at once), this is an important anthology of essays by Ireland’s only literary prophet. Beware, it will make you a disciple.
Conor Kostick, Author of Revolution in Ireland (Cork University Press,) 2009

The Word in Flames

Essays on Literature & Revolt


Young Irelanders is an exciting anthology of short stories that will open your eyes and soul to a new and continually evolving Irish literary scene, featuring a selection of Ireland’s most gifted and daring contemporary short-fiction writers:


Sheila Armstrong, Claire-Louise Bennett, Colin Barrett, Kevin Curran, Rob Doyle, Oisín Fagan, Mia Gallagher, Alan McMonagle, Roisín O’Donnell, Cathy Sweeney, Eimear Ryan, Sydney Weinberg.


Young Irelanders reinvigorates the traditional Irish short story with a palpable sense of adventure. From Kevin Curran’s heart-wrenching portrayal of bullying and suicide, to Roisin O’Donnell’s beautifully poignant narrative of a Brazilian girl’s journey to Ireland for love, to Rob Doyle’s searing tale of infidelity, the characters in these tales are searching for love, for courage, for release, and for glory.


Surging with an energy and vigour synonymous with this new generation of Irish writers, the stories are in turn profound, shocking, lyrical and dark, while remaining endlessly and exuberantly inventive.


Lordan’s selection of new and emerging writers in Young Irelanders attests to the continuing vitality and relevance of the Irish short story tradition.
Times Literary Supplement
Dave Lordan’s anthology, Young Irelanders, blows away the cobwebs of the culturally homogeneous, Catholic, conservative Ireland of the twentieth century with all of its little islander mentality, false prophets and false profits.
 Socialist Worker

Young Irelanders (Editor)

New Island Books


‘It may be said, in truth, that he changed his manner almost for every work that he executed’, Vasari said of Di Cosimo, and in Lost Tribe of the Wicklow Mountains the anger that often characterized the poems of Lordan’s first two collections is transformed into profound explorations and expressions of loss, love and hope – ‘music as a possible sanctity’.



Dave shines a light into the darkest corners…around the cities, through the towns, up the mountains and on down the rivers, and always that bit of hope we surely crave. There are some of his poems that I would love to sing.
Christy Moore
Over the past ten years Dave Lordan has emerged as a vital – in both senses of the word – presence in this country’s literary culture. The Lost Tribe of the Wicklow Mountains sees the fury and exuberance of his earlier work refined and distilled but in no sense diminished. In these sixteen surprisingly tender and reflective poems he presents a honed and coherent vision of what it is to be human in this transitional century, one that’s unflinchingly honest about our species’ failings while clinging to the battered, beat up hope of what we might just become.
Billy Ramsell

Lost Tribe of the Wicklow Mountains

Salmon Poetry


First Book of Frags

Wurm Press


A book of explosive short fiction from the author of The Boy in the Ring and Invitation to a Sacrifice. First Book of Frags is a projectile flung at convention, capital, and ultimately, civilisation itself.



Preposterously original….a cult classic…paragraphs of transcendent, life altering, prose.
Southward on First Book of Frags
First Book of Frags addresses many aspects
of our present reality with a combination of narrative urgency and poetic intensity that one might expect from only the most intransigently indefinable, and indispensable, of contemporary writers.
Necessary Fiction

The results of New Island and ARENA’s collaboration, the innovative and successful first on-air creative writing class, which was lead by Dave Lordan.


In December 2012, New Island and RTÉ Radio One’s ARENA launched the first on-air creative writing course. The course took place on the first week of each month until June 2013. Writer and creative writing teacher Dave Lordan led the course, each month offering a new writing prompt to listeners who would submit material based using that prompt as inspiration. This book contains the best of those submissions.


To accompany them, ARENA has specially commissioned pieces by a host of emerging Irish writing talent producing a completely novel and enjoyable anthology that presents the best of up and coming Irish writing talent.

New Planet Cabaret (Editor)

RTE Arena and New Island Books.


Translations of poems from Italian by Fabio Barellandi, Luca Artioli, Andrea Garbin.


Thauma Edizioni, Pesara, Italy


Selected and new Poems in Italian Translation by Fabio Barcellandi.

Sopravvivere alla crisi

Thauma Edizioni, Pesara, Italy


Mary McEvoy stars in this Eska Riada Production as Jo Bangles an abandoned woman in middle-age who decorates herself from head to toe with cheap jewels - the only kind she can afford. Taunted by the local kids every time she passes, shunned and mocked by her neighbours and the authorities from whom she seeks assistance, she now has to deal with a teenage daughter who, due to some undiscovered trauma has lost the ability to speak. But Jo Bangles is irrepressible. One morning before sunrise she decides to set forth on a journey that will change her life, and that of her daughter, forever. Join her on her quest for fulfillment and love. This new play by David Lordan is directed by Caroline FitzGerald. Eska Riada’s previous productions include Nell Regan.

Jo Bangles

One Act Play, staged at Mill Theatre, Dundrum, and Focus Theatre, Dublin.



Surviving The Recession

Radical Picnic Productions


Winner of the 2008 Strong Award for Best First Collection and shortlisted for the Irish Times Poetry Now Award 2008


The Boy in the Ring is the debut collection from a prizewinning author who has already made a considerable reputation through publications and readings. In poems that are provocative, energetic and experimental, though never obscure, The Boy in the Ring explores themes of violence, self-harm and survival, ranging in focus from schoolyard bullying, through adolescent suicide and addiction, to the wars and terrors of the adult world. It is a rousing collection, sometimes comedic, sometimes disturbing, sometimes despondent, sometimes raging, sometimes ecstatic, full of memorable characters and stories that are sure to touch readers’ hearts as well as fire their imaginations.


‘Heartstopping lines’
Mary O’Malley, Irish Examiner
‘Compelling poetry...immediately engaging with its vivid language, energy and passion’  Theo Dorgan and Paula Meehan, Judges report, Patrick Kavanagh Award 2005
‘Roars like an angry staccato of poemfire, reminiscent of old Ginsberg’

The Boy In The Ring

Salmon Poetry


Lordan is the poetic voice that Ireland needs and he arrives exactly upon his hour.
William Wall
Invitation to A Sacrifice demands to be read and heard in the way that Lordan’s great precursors (including Burroughs and Bolaño) command our attention. No other Irish poet writing today has a clearer sense of the rottenness of the contemporary Irish state, or the courage to critique it in the way Lordan does in this collection, ‘boiling with love and the apocalypse’. Ignore and stay ignorant.
Philip Coleman
Dave Lordan’s poetic voice bristles with humour, outrage, tenderness and terror.
From its epic articulation of the confusion and helplessness of economic meltdown, to its wry, intense evocations of people, places and circumstances, Invitation To A Sacrifice is a dynamic and inventive poetic experience, reflecting Dave’s ability as a live performer.  Conor Shields, New Belfast Arts

Invitation To A Sacrifice

Salmon Poetry





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writer . performer . editor . educator...

writer . performer . editor . educator...